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Replacing windows and doors is one of the most popular home improvement projects in Western Washington, and for good reason. It produces dramatic results from a modest investment; no other element impacts a room's feel as dramatically as its windows. They frame natures light and add a distinctive personality to each room. New windows update your home and increase street appeal. Here are the most popular reasons for replacing your windows.

Cooler in Summer

New windows with high tech coatings keep you cool even on the hottest days. Today's windows with Low-E squared glass reduce heat gain by more than 60%! They help protect your furniture and drapes by blocking out harmful UV rays that damage and fade. Plants still thrive though, because the smart glass only blocks out certain spectrums of light.

Winter Warmth

New windows stop those cold drafts and reduce moisture with a new weather-tight fit. They help eliminate sweating and the mold and mildew associated with it. The comfort level of your home will improve and you'll save money on heating bills.

Street Appeal

New windows impact a room's look and feel like no other element can. However, the beauty of new windows and doors also affects the outside of your home too. It revives and renews that tired, dated look your old windows project. You can personalize the look of your home with a new Bay window or French doors. Or perhaps, just by adding decorative grids. The possibilities are endless.

Sound Control

Homeowners have discovered that new double pane units with "dead" air space reduce noise significantly. For those who have special needs (freeway noise, airplanes, etc), we have options that can increase the sound reduction properties of the windows by adding "STC" components to standard windows.

Smooth Operation

Stop fighting with windows that won't open or doors that stick. Properly installed new patio doors and windows will open with one finger.


A new dual-pane window with either multi-point locks or new sturdy cam locks will no longer be an easy point of entry.

Energy Savings

Windows account for about a third of your total heat loss in a home. So, it's important your windows perform well. We carry Energy Star program certified windows. This means they're over 40% more energy efficient than required under most building codes. When you increase your home's energy efficiency you not only save money, you save the environment too. A report published by Cardinal Glass estimated that you can save up to $324.00 a year on your heating bill by installing new high performance windows with Low-E2 glass (based on a 2500 square foot home).

Frame Materials

There are a variety of materials available in the market today. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We've selected our primary windows brands based on the manufacturer's ability to provide high quality windows and doors on a consistent basis, and to stand behind their products and service them in a timely fashion. While we are not limited to any particular brands, we do try to choose those that give the best value to our clients and meet their design and aesthetic needs. Your design consultant will work carefully to help you choose the window that best meets your individual needs and budget.


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I would like to thank you for the recent installation of my new windows & patio door. I'm very happy with them and was impressed with the quick and efficient installation.

— David T. from Kirkland

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